You're Invited to go on an ADVENTURE! (2024)

You're Invited to go on an ADVENTURE! (1)



An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.


Engage in hazardous or exciting activity, especially the exploration of the unknown territory.


When I was a kid my parents had a camper that fit on the back of my dad’s pickup truck. I recall many nights camping at the lake sleeping under the stars on folding lawn chairs and roasting marshmallows or hotdogs. When I was in seventh grade, we bought land in Paradise, Texas, upgraded to a 28’ travel trailer that we lived in while my parents built their dream home. My Dad always set an example that adventure comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes you make sacrifices to get where God has you going.

When I graduated from high school my parents graduated to a motorhome bus that they traveled all over the US. My dad owned a construction business that allowed him to work from anywhere. They invited strangers near and far to sit at their table and eat a meal wherever they were parked because Dad was infamous for having enough food to feed an army at any weeknight meal.

Nine years ago my dad lost his life to cancer at 68 years young. As hard as it was for me to lose my dad, Josh lost his very best friend and my Mom buried her husband of 45 years. My Dad’s funeral was standing room only. People from every part of his life stood to admire the man that lived life to the fullest and always took the road less traveled for the best adventure. The peace in my heart was that my dad had lived a full life. He didn’t wait for retirement to enjoy the life God gave him. No regrets.

My favorite stories and memories are how my dad loved to drive his jeep or motorhome on the edge of the mountain to get the best view but it scared everyone else to death!

While I am not as adventurous in jeeping (yet Josh has jeeped for me!) and camping as my dad, he did instill his adventurous spirit and desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Josh and I. How far can we reach to share Jesus’ love or some food across our table?

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You might recall our adventure of moving to “town” a few years ago. We weren’t sure specifically why we just knew God was calling us to relocate to the Keller area. We have met some amazing friends and fallen in love with the trees and rich soil in our area.

Last summer we felt called to close on Mondays to make room for more adventures for our team. We documented through our newsletter all the exciting things our team got to do on their extended weekends. Again, my dad leading the way to adventure.

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This summer, we are inviting YOU to go on an adventure with us!

Each January, I pray for a word to lead me through the upcoming year. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes it might take a few weeks to really settle on something in my spirit. This year God gave me a verse.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18-19

I wasn’t really sure what the scripture meant, but I wrote it down on an index card and left it in my prayer room and our bathroom so we could read it every day. As God began to reveal its meaning, we knew it meant a REAL BIG adventure was coming.

So, we are so excited to let you know…

Effective July 31, Fossil Creek and The Haven will be MOVING!

You heard it right!

We are MOVING Fossil Creek and The Haven to Keller, Texas.

The McDonnell Hardware Store, located at 377/Johnson Road is loved as deeply by Keller community as Fossil Creek is loved by the Saginaw community. The McDonnell Hardware Store has been in operation since 1972 and the family has resided on this land for over 100 years.

We will be combining two family legacies into one in order to share the love of Jesus (and trees, gardening, and creating beautiful spaces) with even more people.

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What you can expect on this adventure:

Fossil Creek Tree Farm

The deep roots of knowledge and selection of trees you have come to expect will continue!

The Haven

We will have a larger footprint with even more inspiration of home and garden, room to grow and a REAL coffee shop!

Fossil Creek Landscape

We will continue creating beautiful spaces west of 360!

McDonnell Hardware

We will be offering a curated selection of hardware necessities and propane, too.


We will communicate what we know, when we know it! There are a lot of moving pieces working with the city of Keller and moving in general.

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Because every adventure requires the support of everyone to make it a success!

What we need from you:


Pray like your life depends on it for this to be a smooth transition and we can be a bigger light for a bigger community.


We will do our best to maintain our online store, phone systems, email communication and plant perks program, but we are operating on a limited team while we start the move!

Spread the Word

Let your friends and family know, near and far, we are embarking on an exciting adventure and we want everyone to come along!

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Life is an adventure, and we promise a breath taking view….come join us on the adventure and spread the word!

-Josh & Terra

You're Invited to go on an ADVENTURE! (2024)
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