VA School Certifying Official - New York, United States job with Syracuse University | 37678703 (2024)

VA School Certifying Official

Job #: 041048
Location Syracuse, NY
Pay Range: $60,450
Hours: Standard University business hours

8:30am - 5:00pm (academic year)
8:00am - 4:30pm (summer)
Hours may vary based on operational needs.
Job Type: Full-time

Job Description:
The VA School Certifying Official will assist students and theirfamilies requesting and receiving education benefits from the U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs; and coordinate processing betweenstudents, Syracuse University, and the Department of VeteransAffairs (VA). This individual will be responsible for preparing andcertifying VA educational benefits to include the Yellow RibbonProgram, and reporting student status and eligibility changes tothe VA. Prepares and analyzes reports and ensures compliance on allstudent files and auditing requirements. Keeps students informed onVA education benefit regulation and policy changes and liaises withUniversity departments impacting VA education benefits. Thisposition will report to the Director of the Office of VeteranSuccess.


  • Bachelor’s degree - extensive relevant work experience may beconsidered in lieu of degree.
  • Must have completed or willing to successfully complete theVeterans Administration School Certifying Official training.
  • Experience working in higher education preferred.
  • Military background or experience working with veterans and/orveterans educational benefits preferred.

Job Specific Qualifications:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Effective time management, organization and planningskills.
  • Knowledge of current existing and proposed VA Educationalbenefits regulations and policies.


  • Counsels students and parents regarding eligibility, availablebenefits, and financial procedures/policies for veterans and/ortheir dependents; prepares and certifies U.S. Department of VeteranAffairs (VA) enrollment certifications and certifies students inaccordance with the university’s Yellow Ribbon program.
  • Verifies student educational benefits.
  • Ensures all compliance and auditing requirements andregulations are met per the university, state, VA and other federalagencies.
  • Serves as a university technical point of contact for theVA.
  • Monitors student’s course load and their grades to ensurecompliance with VA regulations.
  • Reports status changes that affect student eligibility for VAbenefits.
  • Assists students in resolving issues with the VA and otheragencies or university departments.
  • Liaises with university departments (i.e. financial aid,bursar, and others) on the impact of VA education benefits.
  • Prepares reports and analyzes data; audits student files at thebeginning and throughout each semester and at graduation to ensure100% compliance and timeliness.
  • Assist veteran and dependent students with interpreting,implementing, and disseminating information on new VA andDepartment of Defense regulations in order to align regulationswith Syracuse University policies.
  • Attend veteran-related events and training on and offcampus.

About Syracuse University:
Syracuse University is a private, international research universitywith distinctive academics, diversely unique offerings, and anundeniable spirit. Located in the geographic heart of New YorkState, with a global footprint, and over 150 years of history,Syracuse University offers a quintessential collegeexperience.

The scope of Syracuse University is a testament to its strengths: apioneering history dating back to 1870; a choice of more than 200majors, 100 minors, and 200 advanced degree programs offered acrossthe University’s 13 schools and colleges; over 15,000undergraduates and over 6,000 graduate students; more than aquarter of a million alumni in 160 countries; and a studentpopulation from all 50 U.S. states and 123 countries. For moreinformation, please visit

About the Syracuse area:
Syracuse is a medium-sized city situated in the geographic centerof New York State approximately 250 miles northwest of New YorkCity. The metro-area population totals approximately 500,000. Thearea offers a low cost of living and provides many social,cultural, and recreational options, including parks, museums,festivals, professional regional theater, and premier shoppingvenues. Syracuse and Central New York present a wide range ofseasonal recreation and attractions ranging from water skiing andsnow skiing, hiking in the Adirondacks, touring the historic sites,visiting wineries along the Finger Lakes, and biking on trailsalong the Erie Canal.

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Open Until Filled:
Priority Consideration:

To apply, visit

Syracuse University is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-actioninstitution. The University prohibits discrimination and harassmentbased on race, color, creed, religion, sex, gender, nationalorigin, citizenship, ethnicity, marital status, age, disability,sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, veteranstatus, or any other status protected by applicable law to theextent prohibited by law. This nondiscrimination policy coversadmissions, employment, and access to and treatment in Universityprograms, services, and activities.

Syracuse University has a long history of engaging veterans and themilitary-connected community through its educational programs,community outreach, and employment programs. After World War II,Syracuse University welcomed more than 10,000 returning veterans toour campus, and those veterans literally transformed SyracuseUniversity into the national research institution it is today. TheUniversity’s contemporary commitment to veterans builds on thishistorical legacy, and extends to both class-leading initiativesfocused on making an SU degree accessible and affordable to thepost-9/11 generation of veterans, and also programs designed toposition Syracuse University as the employer of choice for militaryveterans, members of the Guard and Reserve, and military familymembers.

Syracuse University maintains an inclusive learning environment inwhich students, faculty, administrators, staff, curriculum, socialactivities, governance, and all other aspects of campus lifereflect a diverse, multi-cultural, and international worldview. TheUniversity community recognizes and values the many similaritiesand differences among individuals and groups. At Syracuse, we arecommitted to preparing students to understand, live among,appreciate, and work in an inherently diverse country and worldmade up of people with different ethnic and racial backgrounds,military backgrounds, religious beliefs, socio-economic status,cultural traditions, abilities, sexual orientations and genderidentities. To do so, we commit ourselves to promoting a communitythat celebrates and models the principles of diversity andinclusivity.


VA School Certifying Official - New York, United States job with Syracuse University | 37678703 (2024)
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