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We’ve traveled the world in search of the best family getaway destinations. I always assumed I’d find my favorites in tropical locations; after-all, we love swimming, the sunshine, and warm-weather activities. During a recent search for family-friendly destinations in Quebec, I foundVillage Vacances Valcartier. With the largest winter playground in North America, a spa with family access on Sundays, restaurants, hotels, and a 102,000 square foot indoor water park,Village Vacances Valcartier is the ultimate family getaway in Quebec.

The Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec, Canada

You definitely need a few days to explore and experienceVillage Vacances Valcartier. I’d suggest arriving early on Sunday, maybe after a visit to Quebec City Winter Carnival.

The best part about arriving on Sunday is that Valcartier Spa is open to families on Sunday mornings. You could schedule one of their personalized services in the morning while your partner takes care of the kids in the baths and pool area and then swap for some time with the kids while your partner has their own personalized spa time. The spa area includes 8 care rooms, a steam bath, a Finnish sauna, an outdoor hot bath, 2 cold baths, an indoor/outdoor pool, and a relaxing area with fireplace and tea bar. We opted for a relaxing Swedish massage, which made the outdoor hot tub even more inviting when I finished.
Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec - Bucket List Publications (4)After a morning at the spa, we didn’t even need to leave the property to get something to eat. By the time we finished our lunch, our room was ready to check in. Although the room was basic, it offered everything we look for during a family vacation. It had the ideal set up of a Murphy bed in the living room and a separate bedroom, allowing us to stay up and relax long after Athena went to sleep. The bathroom was huge with a tub and shower in case Athena wanted to take a bath and there were plenty of hooks around the suite to hang both bathing suits and jackets.

Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec - Bucket List Publications (5)

Via Destination Famille

After we settled into our room, we got on our bathing suits and headed to Bora Parc. Although we didn’t need to leave the property, it was nice to put our robes on over our suits. Inside the waterpark, there is an area to put your shoes and extras so they are handy.
Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec - Bucket List Publications (6) Everything about Bora Parc screamed the ultimate family getaway and there were options for all age and adventure levels. Our favorite family experience in Bora Parc was the river. The temperature was comfortable and there were unique surprises around every corner. Athena’s face lit up when we rushed under a waterfall and I couldn’t stop smiling when rapids pushed us along near the end.

Save plenty of time for Bora Parc because there is a 4,000 sq ft wave pool, more than 14 slides, a family pool, a river, a double surf wave, and a restaurant-terrace. Although we did stay at the hotel, Bora Parc is open to the public so you don’t need to stay to play.
Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec - Bucket List Publications (7)Also on site, is theHôtel de Glace. What child doesn’t dream of visiting an ice hotel? (What adult doesn’t dream of it too?) You can visit the hotel without staying or get more adventurous and book a room for the night. Thearchitecture is entirely built of snow and ice and it’s as magical as it sounds. There are co*cktails served in a glass made of ice and there is a giant ice slide inside the hotel. With 45 themed rooms and suites it’s a lot bigger than you’d anticipate. We drank from ice glasses and celebrated the ultimate family getaway in Quebec.
Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec - Bucket List Publications (8)We saved the best for last with the Valcartier Winter Playground. It’s the largest winter playground in North America. It has 35 snow slides, skating paths, snow rafting, a children’s playground, 5000 inner tubes, and 17 mechanical lifts. And it’s home to the highest accelerating slide in North America, Everest!

When we first arrived, we grabbed an inner tube and took the first lift we saw to the Central Area.We could immediately tell we were at the largest winter playground. There was no end in site. From the Central Area, you can go in multiple directions and there are more lifts all around.
Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec - Bucket List Publications (9)The most unique area atValcartier Winter Playground is the Tornado and Rafting area. On the Snow Raft, you speed down the slopes riding in one of their 12 passenger rafts, while the Tornado accommodates up to 8 people and isequipped with a special mechanism that makes it swirl. Even when you stop, it keeps on spinning.

Surprisingly, the Tornado was Athena’s favorite slide. The more we spun and rushed down the slope, the more I worried that Athena was going to be sick. She was tucked into her jacket and I wondered what I’d do if she threw up all over it and us. We reached the bottom and she stood up exclaiming, “That was the best ride ever! Can we go again?” I could tell her adrenaline was pumping because she was running back to the lift. Every time we rode the Tornado, she tucked herself into her jacket and every time we reached the bottom she was bursting with joy.
Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec - Bucket List Publications (10)I’ve never been the biggest fan of winter, but I think it’s because I’ve never been to places that celebrate winter so well. Quebec is a winter wonderland and it’s the best time of year to discover all that the amazing provinces has to offer. At the heart of that celebration is Village Vacances Valcartier, combining my love for water with my love for outdoor adventure. If you’re looking for the ultimate family getaway in Quebec, pack your bags and head toVillage Vacances Valcartier.

Ultimate Family Getaway in Quebec - Bucket List Publications (2024)


Where is the best place to live in Quebec for a family? ›

Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Trois-Rivières is one of the best places to raise a family in Canada. As the second-oldest French-speaking city in North America, it's home to architectural marvels, 43 libraries and numerous cultural events perfect for parents looking to instill a love of history and art in their children.

How many days in Montreal and Quebec City with kids? ›

4 nights in Montreal, 3 nights in QC sounds about right, especially if you have a car. At the old port you can rent family sized pedal carts, bicycles and roller blades to explore the long pedestrian promenade. There are boat rides also available, an Imax theater and lots more.

Where is the safest place to live in Quebec Canada? ›

Saguenay, a serene gem nestled in the heart of Quebec, emerges as a standout among Canada's safest cities. With its Crime Severity Index reflecting a commitment to safety, Saguenay boasts a lower-than-average rate of violent crimes, positioning itself well below the national average.

Is Quebec City friendly to Americans? ›

Quebecers are known for being warm and welcoming. Everywhere you go, you'll be met with a smile. People here are proud of their francophone culture and North American roots.

Which is better to visit, Quebec or Montreal? ›

The short answer: it depends on the type of city break you're after – Montreal is bigger and more urban, which means you have an array of fine-dining options, boutique shopping and cosmopolitan museums at your fingertips; Quebec is smaller and quainter, making it a great choice for those keen to explore historical ...

How far apart are Montreal and Quebec City? ›

Distance from Montreal to Quebec-City

The shortest distance (air line) between Montreal and Quebec-City is 143.72 mi (231.30 km). The shortest route between Montreal and Quebec-City is 156.05 mi (251.14 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 3h 18min.

Is Quebec a good place to raise a family? ›

The province of Quebec has a low rate of crime, which contributes to a safe living environment. This is especially true for those who are looking to retire or have children. Quebec is a great place to live if you want to enjoy your stay.

Is Quebec City a good place to raise a family? ›

Living in a safe environment

Québec City and its metropolitan area are known for their safety, with one of the lowest crime rates in North America. Plus, Québec City was name the safest city in Canada to raise children. A mix of history and modernity, culture and nature, Québec City is the reflection of its citizens.

Is Quebec City good for kids? ›

Indoor Fun Activities

Rain or shine, Québec City is a great place to be! If your family likes rides and games, head over to the province's biggest indoor amusem*nt park, Méga Parc. Or you could all have fun learning with the engaging, interactive exhibitions at Musée de la civilisation.

What is the most English-speaking city in Quebec? ›

The majority of anglophones in Quebec live in the western suburbs of Montréal and in Western Quebec. While most communities in these areas have sizeable English minorities, several municipalities have anglophone majorities.

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