Student Leader Profiles: Student Academic Services: Loyola University Chicago (2024)

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Student Leader Profiles: Student Academic Services: Loyola University Chicago (1)
Matthew Castellanos

Finance major, Class of 2026

“I am so grateful, and I hope to make every penny worth it. That's why I try to join so many groups and give back by volunteering around campus. I'm just so grateful.”

From a young age, Matthew hasalways been very analytical. Heenjoysthechallengeof uncovering patterns in the complex web of numbers and values that underpinsour systems. That's why he ultimately decided to pursue a degree in finance. When considering his options, Loyola's Quinlan School of Business stood out to him for its stellar reputation, and he was particularly drawn to the university's Jesuit roots.

Matthew was in the middle of his shift as a server when he received the news that he was awarded a scholarship.“I see this email with bold letterssaying‘four years, fully funded,’ and I was just speechless. It was almost too much to believeat the moment.”

Now, Matthew is setting his sights on a career in banking. With the guidance and encouragement of his Quinlan professors, he is actively pursuing an internship opportunity with JP Morgan, eager to gain firsthand experience in the field.

Student Leader Profiles: Student Academic Services: Loyola University Chicago (2)


Psychology major, Class of 2026

“Loyola isreally opento a lot of culturesanda lot of different communities. As a student,I really appreciate havingallofthat inclusivity.”

Rosadry'spassion for health sciences was sparked by her experience volunteering at a VA hospital during high school. In addition to this, she has always been captivated by philosophy and the intricacies of human consciousness, which led her to discover her interest in psychology.

As the eldest of four children and the first in her family to attend college,Rosadryfelt adeep sense of responsibility to serve as a positive role model for her younger siblings.However, she was alsoworriedabout the potential financialburdenthat her college education might place on her family.“I really didn't know how I would be able to pay off everything, so receiving that scholarship really helped me. It motivated me to push forward in my education.”

With her sights set on a career as a clinical therapist,Rosadryis determined to continue herstudiesafter graduation. She plans to attend graduate school and earn the credentials necessary to pursue her dreams of helping others through counseling.

Student Leader Profiles: Student Academic Services: Loyola University Chicago (3)Ryan Avalos

English and psychology major, Class of 2026

“Iwilltry my best to set an example for the upcoming generations and to lead in the way that I know I can lead,while also becoming a much better person. I'll make the most out ofthe scholarship by building myself as bestI possibly can.”

Ryan has always been introspective and deeply curious about how people's backgrounds shape their behavior. When he took a high school class taught by a psychology-trained teacher, he was captivated by her insights, which motivated him to pursue a psychology major at Loyola.

Coming from a low-income household, Ryan had concerns about how he would finance his education. So when he received an email notifying him of his scholarship award, he was ecstatic. “It's all just a hazy memory.I wasplaying a game or scrolling through my phone,and I got the email. And I remember I went crazy. I sort of jumped on the bed.I didn't believe it.”

Looking to the future, Ryan's goal is to become financially secure for himself and his family. He sees clinical psychology as the path to achieving that aim. Through his studies, he hopes to gain the skills and knowledge needed to make a positive impact in people's lives, while also building a stable career for himself.

Student Leader Profiles: Student Academic Services: Loyola University Chicago (4)DonovanMeachem

Marketing major, Class of 2026

“Ihavetotake advantage of every opportunity that's been given to me here.I've been given thischanceto go to thisreally greatschool for no cost, so I need to maximize that opportunity.”

Donovan has a strong passion for fashion and is driven to establish himself in the industry. This is why he has decided to pursue a major in marketing, as he wishes to gain valuable insights into the business aspect of fashion. Donovan has chosen to pursue a minor in dance, in addition to his major, as it provides him with a creative outlet outside of his academic pursuits.

Despite his drive, Donovan was not always sure he would end up at Loyola. Because of his family’s financial situation, he was considering not going to college at all. “When I learned I got the scholarship, my mom and I just broke down crying and hugging. It was very emotional because if my mom wanted me to go away to school, she wanted me to go here because this is my dream school.”

Looking ahead, Donovan envisions himself working for a fashion brand or magazine. He's optimistic that the connections he's making through Loyola's Quinlan School of Business will help him achieve his goals.

Student Leader Profiles: Student Academic Services: Loyola University Chicago (2024)
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