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Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi - the key site for worship in the United Arab Emirates. The beautiful mosque was designed by the Syrian architect Yousef Abdelky and it is one of the world's largest with 82 domes. The project was launched by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who wanted to unite the cultural diversity of the Islamic world.


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Absolutely beautiful architecture and attention to detail. Me and my family went here to pray for Jumma (Friday) prayers and it was very nice and pleasant experience. The facilities were very clean and a nice place to bring family. They have plenty of parking and also give tours for people who want to learn about the building and all the planning that went into the development of the building. Architects from around the world have spent time designing this building and there is no corner in the entire building that was planned out excellently. Please go and enjoy. Muslim or not it’s worth the trip!... Read more

Jamal Blackwell

The place is definitely recommended visiting. It is a beautifully crafted engineering marvel. The whole team behind deserves appreciation. Visit website and do booking confirmation before reaching here for a faster entry to the place, that was the procedure when we visited. There is strict dress code in place and details available in website. ladies to wear dress that cover properly including the hands. Dress can also be purchased from shops inside. Ample underground parking is available separately for visitors at walkable distance to entrance. There are direction boards available after you enter the place. Day times can be bit hot.If they can come up with some arrangement to guide the visitors without random security personal interference, the visit would be a better experience overall. They are everywhere.For me it was amazing

Sadik Mallik1806

The most stunning and breathtaking mosque you will see... I bring all my visitors here when they come to visit, no exceptions, it’s an absolute must. The details the design and the overall ambience you will experience coming here is like no other. Would highly recommend trying to go during quieter times to get the most out of your experience... and come with your own Abaya / cover ups. They do provide though if you have forgotten.

Nitish Gemma Verma Jones

Nice place! Good architecture and very beautiful. The dress code is important. Men- don’t wear animal prints and make sure you were a long sleeve top and pant(no shorts). Women-wear something that covers you full(including your head). You can enter here even if you are not a Muslim but you have to follow the rules(make sure to follow the dress code if you are a Muslim or not). We went here on Ramadan(2019) and that time they gave food to all on Ramadan(I am not sure if it is there now). I hope this review was helpful.

Festa Trading

I visit it Every time i go to Abu dhabi

Ragab Mahmoud

Astonishing beauty! Marvelous construction ! Jaw dropping design! It was serene experience to visit this Mosque last week. It was built over 10 years and you can see that extreme attention to detail was put in while building it. So many opportunities to take beautiful pictures.

Ansal Shah

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Like it.. It amazing to visit if ur in town for both Muslims and non-Muslims.. The out side are great to walk.. At entry point with great security and professional staff they give dresses (if needed out of respect to the place of worship for Muslims) free of charge that are clean nice and kind of cute..There is a gift shop and a coffee place inside.. Talking pictures walking around is allow..Note: locals are helpful and friendly.. If u needed help or are confused ask.. Even if u needed a picture with family, friends or love ones any just ask and most will be will happy to help.


Really impressive architecture, a must see when you are in Abu Dhabi. Even though there are a lot of people it does not get overcrowded because of it's size. We did not have to wait long when we visited. Everybody was very friendly and there is even a small cafe where you can by drinks and food next to the mosque. There was a gift shop as well. The prices were ok.

Mohammed Rasel

People aren’t wrong when they say this place is a must see when visiting Abu Dhabi. It is incredibly beautiful and a tranquil place.A trip here does require some advance planning. For men you need to have long pants and at least a short sleeved shirt. For women, you will likely need to wear one of their robes that they provide so make sure you don’t wear too much layers underneath as it is hot!You arrive at the visitors entrance and men and women are screened separately. Your bags will be searched and you will go through a metal detector so belts, phones, coins etc will have to be put in a tray.When you get to the mosque you will need to take your shoes off so if you don’t like walking around barefoot then make sure you have some socks.Other than that there are plenty of taxis and car parks so easy to get to and easy to leave.There is a cafe and a gift store on the way in and you pass it on your way out as well.

Simon Mamouney

Stunningly SpectacularA visit to the Grand Mosque is a must for anyone in the area! The details of the design are incredible and it is absolutely breathtaking to look up and soak in the architecture and artistry that went into building such an impressive landmark. If you can manage it, be sure to catch the scheduled free guided tours which depart several times a day, to learn about the details of the massive building. If you can time it right, visit in the late afternoon just before sunset so you can see it in both the day time and at night. They do have abayas available for anyone who needs one, and they will tell you as you pass through the entrance. If you want to avoid the small queue that builds up on busy days as they try to get your size right, try to have loose fitting clothes (nothing too clingy), long sleeves that cover your wrist, legs covered to the ankles, and your head covered.

Shabeer Davood

Very cool mosque I have ever seen. Superbly designed, constructed & maintained. The domes over the mosque are really stunning. The chandeliers are the best attractions inside. Don't forget to look at the huge carpet inside the mosque (its a single carpet). Allows Muslims/ non-muslims, men & women as well. Night view are absolutely stunning..

P&H Network

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An architectural masterpiece, one of the major highlight of Abu Dhabi. It is a beautiful mosque. White marble structure is the definition of opulence and grandeur. Do observe the chandeliers. TIP for women travellers: insure that your head, hands and legs are fully covered in clothing and material is not transparent in any way. Traditional dress 'abaya' is provided my mosque in case clothing is not proper.

gaurav jain

This is truly one of the biggest and nicest Mosques in the world. Opening times are a little different during the Ramadan (from 09:00 till 14:00). Go a little early, and try to get in before 09:30. After, a lot of tourists will come by bus and then it is really crowded in the mosque. The carpet is made in Iran, and really beautiful. Visit and enjoy! It is not allowed to bring food and cigarettes but you can bring water. There is a coffee corner but that one is closed during the Ramadan.

Johan Zegers

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