Play Free Slots With Bonus and Free Spins: No Download Needed (2024)


Bonus rounds are a key part of a modern slot game offering players a chance to win some extra money and also with some nice extra entertainment value. Players no longer have to head to a live casino, however, to have some fun with these exciting and rewarding features.

Free slots offer the same fun as a real slot machine right from the comfort of home, when on the go, or any other place that’s convenient. Players can simply take out their cell phones or tablet devices to make that happen. Platforms like Jackpot Party make playing free slots simple and convenient with much of the same action and fun a player might find at a Las Vegas casino.

Keep reading to learn more about free slots that feature bonus rounds and other similar types of games.


Unlike playing slots at a live casino or real-money online platform, playing slots at Jackpot Party doesn't require spending a single penny. Players aren’t wagering any real money, so you don’t have to worry about losing any real money.

Free slots at Jackpot Party also feature some of the same games a player might find at a casino, complete with bonus rounds, free spins, and numerous other extras. You’ll probably find a couple of your favorites from some of those casino trips right in the game menu.

Some of the advantages of playing free casino slots at platforms like Jackpot Party include:

  • Playing free slots with bonus rounds

  • No download needed

  • Easy to use free slot games app available

  • Some of the best free slots in the industry

  • Challenges and bonus games not found in live slot experiences

  • Ability to play from anywhere


A bonus game is an extra round on a slot that often includes the game pausing and going to a secondary screen or scenario. These games offer players a chance to garner some extra winnings in a fun event that’s not part of the base game.

Players can trigger these types of games by revealing particular symbols, finding certain winning combinations, and more. Many games feature a “scatter symbol,” which serves as the key symbol to bring about a bonus game or free spins.

“They are symbols that provide something based on having the right number of them present anywhere on the reels, as opposed to on a pay line or on connecting reels,” Know Your Slots notes. “In some cases, Scatter Symbols can be paid based on three, four, or five of them being present.”

Here’s a general look at some of these popular features with a more in-depth look to follow.

  • Free Spins Players earn a certain number of free spins.

  • Pick and Win This is an interactive bonus game in which players are asked to make a pick among several options.

  • Prize Wheel This is another fun bonus game with a bit of mystery where players spin a wheel.

  • Cascading Reels This is an interesting feature found in some games. When a winning combination is made, some or all of those winning slot symbols fall away (or cascade) down off the reels.

  • Wild Symbols These are symbols that can substitute for other symbols on the reels.

  • Sticky Wilds This is a feature in which wild symbols lock in place, becoming “sticky” and replacing other symbols.

  • Expanding Wilds These wild symbols grow to cover an entire reel of sections of the slots allowing for more chances to complete winning combinations.

  • Transforming Symbols This feature sees certain symbols “transform” into other symbols at during a spin. These may also be referred to as “transferring symbols.”

  • Progressive Bonus Rounds A bonus game offering a player to win one of the slot’s progressive jackpots.

  • Multipliers These are part of a bonus round where a player has a chance to win many times their wager.

  • Respins These games give the reels another spin when certain cymbals or combinations appear.

Some bonus rounds may even be triggered at random, adding some nice unexpected fun and winnings to your player bank. All these bonus games are also available on free slots at platforms like Jackpot Party as well.

Why have slot manufacturers added these bonus rounds, free spins, and similar features? Simply put, these offer more bang for the buck when it comes to entertaining players. Modern slots offer a real high-tech experience and manufacturers make use of that to ramp up the fun for players and to keep them coming back.

These features also give players a sense of anticipation as they cheer for these bonus features to show up. You also have some fun chances at winning with these free slot bonus games. Bonus games and free spins can really build the excitement of the free slot experience.


It’s important to remember that bonus features in free slots, like those found at Jackpot Party, offer players even more ways to win without affecting a player’s credit bank. These bonus games can come with some nice jackpots, free spins, and other opportunities.

Someone new to free slots may find that these games add some real excitement even though there may not be any real cash winnings associated with the games. However, free online slots can be a lot of fun and allow players to test out new games, find which games appeal to them, and see some examples of the bonus games available on various games.

  • Free Spins These are bonus spins awarded to a player that feature free spins for a chance to win even more without deducting any credits from your bank. These can be awarded based on certain symbols and combinations, and at random, depending on the game. Some games offer an even better chance to win jackpots and other major awards during the free spins round. Some free spins features can also be retriggered as well, meaning you can earn even more spins.

  • Pick and Win This is an interactive bonus game in which players are asked to make a selection among several options. You may be asked to match certain amounts or reveal a certain symbol that comes with an attached win. These are fun bonus games that keep players involved with the action and feature a bit of mystery as they make a choice among several options and hope their pick is a winner.

  • Prize Wheel This is another fun bonus game with a bit of mystery and some random prize possibilities. A prize wheel offers players a chance to win among various prize amounts. This is a popular bonus seen on many slots and players spin an on-screen wheel that offers some nice interactivity as well as players give the wheel a spin and wait to see on which prize amount the wheel will land.

  • Cascading Reels This is a fun feature found on some games that keep spins going for more wins. When a winning combination is made, some or all of those winning symbols fall away (or cascade) down off the reels and are replaced by other symbols that slide down to where those symbols had been. This offers a chance at even more winning combinations on the same spin and the cascading could even continue if another winning combination is revealed.

  • Wild Symbols These are symbols that can substitute for other symbols on the reels and can be used to create more winning combinations. Wilds are a common feature on most games today and keep players hoping to see more of these icons showing up.

  • Sticky Wilds This is a feature in which wild symbols lock in place and continuously replace other symbols over a longer period of time for more chances to win. “Sticky” wilds offer players a chance to create winning combinations more frequently during a series of spins.

  • Expanding Wilds These wild symbols “expand” to cover an entire reel or section of the slot reels, becoming much larger than a traditional wild symbol. This makes for more opportunities to complete winning combinations as well on each spin. Because these wilds are so much bigger there are more chances for the wild to link to more symbols on the reels. These can often be referred to as “stacked wilds” as well.

  • Transforming Symbols (aka Transferring Symbols) This is a feature in which certain symbols may “transform” into other symbols at certain times during a spin. This offers some nice entertainment value as players look for these new symbols to register some nice wins.

  • Progressive Bonus Rounds These bonus rounds give players an opportunity to win one of the slot’s progressive jackpots. Progressives are jackpots are the massive jackpots one might read about in the news. They are rare and can pay out seven figures or more. This pool a small amount from each spin of the reels over a certain area or state, building the progressive prize pool as players spin the reels. Many progressives often feature several prize amounts so that even though a player may not win the ultimate jackpot, there are still opportunities to win some large amounts as well.

  • Multipliers These are part of a bonus round where a player has a chance to win many times their wager. Some games pay out massive multipliers for those who find some of the game’s best combinations. For example, the popular slot Jin Ji Bao Xi Rising Fortunes at Jackpot Party can pay out a multiplier of 200,000x if a player lands on the Grand Jackpot.

  • Respins Land on certain symbols or combinations and these types of games will trigger the respin. This doesn't affect your credit band and offers a chance to bring up even more winning combinations.

Keep an eye out for some of these features in some of your favorite free online slots. As slot manufacturers become more creative and continue to offer more interesting and dynamic games, more bonus features and games could be on the horizon as well. These will be a part of the free slot environment as well.


Those looking to play some free slots at Jackpot Party have several bonus games and free spins options to look out for. Here’s a look at some of the most popular games and which bonus games are available

Slot Title

Free Spins with Multipliers

Pick & Win Feature

Cascading Reels

Expanding (Stacked) Wilds

Sticky Wilds

Zeus II

Invaders from The Planet Moolah

Jungle Wild

Brazilian Beauty

Jin Ji Bao Xi Rising Fortunes

Forbidden Dragons

Bier Haus

Ultra Hot Mega LInk: India

Monopoly Millionaire

Wild Shootout

Napoleon And Josephine

Zeus 3

It’s obvious that free games have become a much more important part of the slot experience and this is one of the most popular bonus options found in a live casino or when playing free slots with bonus games.


In recent years slot manufacturers have been adding even more to their products. Players will find more bonus features and games than ever and that includes free online slots as well. Here’s a look at a few key concepts that have only continued to grow in recent years.

Interactive and Thematic Feature –These games incorporate mini-games and animations that make players feel more like they are actually a part of the game. These slots may feature a more narrative approach with some storytelling that makes players feel like they’re in a more immersive experience.

Pop culture has increasingly become a major part of this with famous music acts, television shows, and more now extremely popular as part of the slot experience. Many of these games bonus features incorporate recognizable themes and icons that resonate with many plates

Progressive Bonus Rounds –Progressive jackpots have become more popular since they were first introduced in 1986 and saw the first person win one of these prizes in 1987 for almost $5 million. The massive payouts that can come from these games draw plenty of media attention. These types of progressive payouts are also available on free slots as well.

Free slots often allow players to work through various challenges and stages as they play. Winning a progressive might be a major part of these efforts and help a player advance even further. The more a player advances, the more they will see certain features unlocked, increasing rewards, additional slot games becoming available, and more.

Other Bonus Game Alternatives –Many games feature their own unique takes on the classic bonus features that players have come to love. For example, the pick-and-win feature often features differing icons and symbols for players to choose from. Bonus wheels can also vary depending on the game.

With cutting-edge graphics available, game designers have taken advantage of tailoring some of these bonus games, free spins, and other features to specific games and slot themes.


Now that you know quite a bit about free slot games and bonus rounds, many may be wondering how to maximize their chances of bringing about some of these winning opportunities when playing.

First, it’s important to know what scatters and other triggering symbols or combinations a player should be looking for. This adds to the thrill of playing a game as you look for just the right winning opportunities. Understanding the game's rules and conditions is key to watch out for when those bonus games are possible.

There are also a few strategies to keep in mind for increasing the chances of activating a bonus round:

Higher Denominations –Games with higher denominations or stakes tend to have a higher RTP (return to player), meaning more chances that you can book some wins. It’s more likely that you may hit a bonus game or some free spins along the way.

Bet Enough to Qualify for Progressive Slots – Players looking to possibly win a progressive slot need to make sure that they wager enough per spin to qualify. Some slots feature a threshold needed in order to qualify to win these bigger payouts and that can also go for free slots as well.

Look for Games That Align With Your Slot Play and Personality –This will make the games more fun in general, and that goes for the bonus games available.

Pick Games With Bonus Games You Enjoy –If you really like playing bonus games, look for games that actually have several bonus games. This offers more chances to actually land a bonus game win.

Managing Bankroll –Make sure you have enough money to play at the stakes you prefer. Better yet, adjust your stakes to fit with your bankroll. Don’t wager more than you can afford to lose and don’t wager money that you need for other bills and obligations. Free slot games are a great way to avoid these concerns. Players can check out popular games like those on Jackpot Party without having to worry about losing any real money.

When you do land a bonus game on a real slot or free online slot, it’s important to know what symbols you’re looking for and how they can add to your winning session. Multipliers can play a huge role during free spins rounds to see those winnings advance upward. Look for special symbols that can also reward players with some extra winnings.


What are bonus games on a slot machine?

These are bonus games that players are rewarded with at certain times in a slot game, both free slots and those real-money games found online or in a casino. These can range from free spins and bonus wheels to pick-and-win features to cascading reels. Bonus games add even more excitement to the slot experience and many players enjoy finding these extras.

What are free spins on a slot?

This is a bonus feature in which players are awarded a certain number of spins of the reels. These don’t cost a player any more coins or credits and bring more chances to win. Some of the game’s bigger multipliers and winning symbols often show up in the free spins rounds as well, offering even more wins possible during this extra play.

Are bonus rounds and free games available on free slots?

Yes, platforms like Jackpot Party offer players the same types of bonus games that can be found in a live casino. Players can check out some of these popular bonus rounds without wagering any real money. Free slots are a great way of checking out some of your favorite games without risking anything.

Jackpot Party also offers a no-download option and players can play from anywhere. These games still feature plenty of fun as in a real casino as players also work through challenges and unlock more features the further they progress.

Do bonus games cost more money or take away more credits on a free slot?

No, these games are extras awarded to a player for finding certain triggering symbols known as scatters, certain winning combinations, or even at random. Bonus games offer players a chance at some fun bonus play that doesn’t deduct from your bank and can help slot players rack up some nice winnings.

Play Free Slots With Bonus and Free Spins: No Download Needed (2024)
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