How many levels does Homescapes have (March 2023) (2023)

Homescapes is a current, popular and addictive game. However, no matter how much you advance between its levels, it always seems that you have something new to do. This Playrix game has led more than one player to wonder How many levels are there in Homescapes? And if it has an end, Can you get to the last level? Believe me, you are not the only one who has thought about it and today I intend to get you out of doubt.

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I won't lie to you, completing it in its entirety is a feat I hardly anyone can boast. Although at first it seems like a simple game, very much in the style of Candy Crush, as you progress you will notice the differences. Homescapes levels have a progressive increase in difficulty, with elements such as obstacles and objects that allow you to maintain a very entertaining dynamic at all times.

How many levels does Homescapes have?

This 3 in a row game free was released for mobile in 2017, as the direct sequel to the well-known Gardenscapes. Since then, its developers have been given the task of creating levels almost every week, which has kept its users entertained for all these years with some new features.

If you've been playing for a long time and have passed at least the first 1000 levels of Homescapes, I'm telling you right now that you still have a long way to go. As of the date of writing this article there is 11.600 niveles published and at least fifty areas to explore.

Every week there are updates with new levels, which are previously tested by the Playrix team to ensure their difficulty and avoid copying previous levels.

Each level is unique, but the most important thing is that no need to buy anything to be able to overcome them, although you always have the option of acquiring boosters and objects with micropayments, to get help in those difficult plays.

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In any case, there are few new levels published with each update. If you beat the last level and have to wait for updates, then you can participate in champion tournaments to continue accumulating points and prizes. You can also keep abreast of news from your Official facebook page.

Features in the history of Homescapes

In the game you have to help the butler Austin, who returns to his childhood home and realizes that it is dilapidated. Your real mission is accommodate and decorate the mansion. To do this you must complete each level of Homescapes, getting stars that allow you to perform different actions in the game.

Actions have to do with upgrade interior items, home repair and general cleaning. Through the 3 in a row games, you get the stars needed to complete the actions, and after performing a certain number of actions you add up the days. The more days you spend in the mansion, the new areas you can explore and the better items you will receive.

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The story is progressive, and with the arrival of different updates new elements are included, characters, areas to explore and artifacts to use. Completing each level in Homescapes earns you stars and coins, which you can redeem for items, power-ups, and bonuses to progress through the game.

A very particular feature of Homescapes is that there is no timer in the game. Since you don't have a time limit, you can dedicate yourself to making a suitable move without any pressure. It is a good way to apply homescape cheats and leave no play to chance.

It is advisable to think of all the possible combinations and optimize the movements to obtain bombs or avoid obstacles. Never rush a playAlso, do not use very obvious combinations or movements suggested by the game itself, since many times they are simple distractions.

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Objects and obstacles in the levels of Homescapes

As you progress through different levels of Homescapes, you're going to find all sorts of items that can help you progress. However, there are also combo items that are a pain in the ass, as they are designed to clog up the passage and increase the difficulty. Let's review them.


Bonuses or powers are elements that appear when making combinations of 4 or more tiles in the game. There are 4 types of powers in total and each one has a different effect.

  • Rocket: Removes an entire row or column from the level, depending on the direction it's pointing, and breaks a merge item. To obtain it you must combine 4 equal tiles horizontally or vertically.
  • Bomb: Activated by double-clicking or dragging to another tab, and deletes multiple cells at once. To get it, you need to match 5 or 6 tiles in an L or T shape.
  • Paper plane: Removes the next tile up, down and to the sides, also removes a randomly chosen item, which can be a locked item or a level target. To obtain it you must combine 4 pieces of the same type in a square.
  • rainbow ball: To activate it you must drag towards a color row or a power element. The rainbow ball is responsible for eliminating all the tiles of the same type in the level, and can be obtained by combining 5 tiles of the same color, in a row or in a column.

Bonus Combination

In addition to activating the powers, it is possible to combine them to achieve more powerful effects. If you want to go fast and remove tiles or cause better explosions, you can make these combinations:

  • Bomb + Bomb: Doubles the radius of the explosion.
  • Bomb + Rocket: Deletes all rows and columns three cells wide.
  • Rocket + Rocket: Remove tiles horizontally and vertically at the same time, no matter where both Rockets are pointing.
  • Bomb or Rocket + Paper Plane: Shoot a normal plane and transfer the second bonus to the square it is pointing at.
  • Airplane + Airplane: Deploy three planes that hit different targets.
  • Rainbow ball + other power: Converts the type of tile that is the most on the board into the second bonus and activates it.
  • Rainbow Ball + Rainbow Ball: is the ultimate combination. Remove all tiles from the and destroy a layer of obstacles in any position.


Another very important element to progress between levels are the enhancers or Booster, which can help you in difficult plays. Although you can buy them, they are also part of daily rewards and prizes for finishing each day in the game. In total there are 6 enhancers, but they are divided into 2 types.

the ones you activate before starting the level It's these 3.

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  1. Bomb and Rocket- Place a bomb and a rocket in random cells.
  2. Rainbow ball: place the rainbow ball randomly in a cell.
  3. double planes: Doubles the effect of all paper planes within the level.

On the other hand, there are the power-ups that you activate only within the level and do not spend moves:

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  1. Hammer: Remove any token and cause damage to obstacles.
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  1. Mallet: remove all the tiles horizontally and vertically, also damage obstacles.
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  1. Glove: You can exchange 2 tiles of the level, except for the obstacles and objects.
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combination elements

Finally we have elements of combination. These are elements that are created with combinations of tiles in rows or also form obstacles that are destroyed in the same way. Some items are indestructible and to win you need to get them out of the level.

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The most common obstacles are the rug, the chains, the cookies and the cherries. We also have donuts as indestructible items and in some levels gravity is affected. As you progress to the last level of Homescapes, you will find more difficult items to beat.

In general, this offers the Homescapes levels up to date, but remember that they update frequently. Do not miss the news of your favorite mobile games from Frontal Gamer. If you have any questions or recommendations, leave your comment.

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