Domain Age Checker – Check Domain Age and History (2024)

Check domain age

There are many domain age checker tools available on the internet for anyone to use.The majority of them are available to use free, and they can be extremely usefulfor various reasons. Internet search engines use them, businesses use them, andordinary everyday people use them too.

Most people probably do not know what a domain age checker is; never mind whatto use them for. They are very simply a place where you can check domain age. Bythis we mean you can find out how long a domain or website put more simply hasbeen running. To do this simply go to the search engine of your choice and typein domain age checker. Hit the return key and it will provide you with a listof sites to check website age ordomainauthority. Why not try it now, check Amazon or eBay or any site you canthink of!

There are reasons you may choose to do a domain age check, and these aredifferent depending on who is doing the check. People who are looking for somesort of service via the internet such asindexedpages or pagerank may choose to use this tool as a guide to how successful a businessis. Those businesses that have been there longest are more than likely stillthere because they have been successful in what they are offering.

Businesses themselves also use a domain age checker orAlexa Rank Checkerto help them decide where they may order advertising space. Again the mostsuccessful businesses will have been there the longest and will be more viable.They have almost certainly had more internet hits than those who have only beenthere a short while. Domains that have been on the internet a long while alsoare placed higher up the page by internet search engines.

Internet search engines such as Google it to identifythose websites, which will place higher up the search list than others. Moreestablished websites that have been around for longer will be placed higher upon a search engines listing.

A bulk checking age is, of course, the most suitable way for searchengines to check website ages. Checking one at a time would be so painstakinglytime consuming that it would hardly be feasible. However, a bulk domain agechecker can feasibly check five hundred sites at a time with ease. This couldalso come in handy, or those of us looking for a business to provide us with aservice. Whilst we may not check five hundred at a time, we could say check fiveplus plumbers or gardeners to help us make the decision of who to hire.

Domain Age checker

Most people don’t know what a domain age checker is and why it is important to know the age of a domain name. Don’t mind the use before you become familiar with what it is and why it is important. Domain age checkers are a simple place where you can check the domain age. In simple terms, this means that you can use Domain age checkers to know for how long a domain name or a website has been running.

How much weight does a domain age has on SEO?

One of the reasons why older domains work better for SEO is because of qualitative backlinking. Search engines check Backlinks and they actually pay attention to the dominance site and also check if that dominance site is authoritative.

Most of the site experts say that a domain age matter in terms of search engine rankings. But have you ever asked yourself how it works and what makes it so important to know the domain age? Have you also asked yourself how long your site should be up to the web to be ranked higher and be seen on the front page of Search Engines? In this brief, I am going to walk you through all what you needs to know about Domain Age and why it matters in Google.

Most people would say that Domain age is not such an influential factor but I personally believe that it is. I believe that this is one of the ways that actually even Google uses to determine quality publishers in the internet. The point is time filters out all the spam sites and also those low quality sites. If you have a site that doesn’t publish quality content or even if you don’t give the best in ensuring that the site grow, then am pretty sure that you will not last a month.

Time is a good filter ad that’s why no old site is a joke! I believe this is the reason why Google use domain age even if its not a colossal factor. Google actually believes that in SEO all factors are studied. The reality of the matter is that the more you stay online publishing the contents the lesser mistakes you make and the more you learn from it. With time, all the measures will be put in place to ensure that the content will sustain quality and helpfulness. For this reason, Google believes that you have already made it to be a pro in that specific field and that’s why they will actually rank you higher.

You just have to note that by Domain name, am not actually referring to how long you have owned that Domain name but how old it is since the first day that Google indexed it or the day that Google saw a link to that domain. What am trying to mean is that even if the domain name has been registered for 7 years, it doesn’t mean that Google considers it 7 years old. It needs to have a site indexed by Google. In simple terms, a Domain name that has been registered for 7 years but has gotten no actual site up, or if Google has never found any site indexed to that specific domain name, is the same as a domain name that you have just bought.

Why it matters

Bigger Link Profile

One big reason why aged domain names are performing better is because they have actually got some quality backlinks. The first thing that Search engines looks for is the backlinks and if the links are with sites that are dominance and have authority, they are ranked better.

Established reputation

An older domain name has a strong base of reputation in their market segment. This is another point that makes them rank higher. The reality of the matter is that getting a better reputation takes time and that’s why Google assumes that an older domain name has a good reputation.


They actually have a fair amount of traffic. An older domain name has more traffic. Getting a fair share of traffic means that the user has invested a lot of money, time and efforts on getting a heavy and a loyal customer base. If you were to buy this site, you will only be concerned about how to maintain the traffic and not attracting more on your site.

Search Engine Ranking

What worries site owners is ranking higher on Search Engines. Most of old Domain names have a good SEO ranking and hence the new user is likely to spend little money, time and effort trying to rank higher.

Why Google looks at the Domain age

One reason why Google looks at Domain age is because if you have been on the internet for a long time, you must be already publishing quality work out of experience and expertise. Google assumes that your site has made it through because of a reason that they think is a good one. They also think that you are not another spam site that actually goes up for a day and then disappears the next day.

What you need to know about Domain age

Domain names are a factor that Goggle considers in ranking domain names. It is a part of the Google’s SEO ranking strategy. The other thing is that sites are significantly devalued during their young age –the first few months from the first day Google notices it. The competitive sites here are very heavy and will actually knock you down on your first few days. According to Google’s Matt Cutts, there is a tiny difference between a domain that is 6 months old and another one that is 12 months old.

Google’s Matt Cutts points on Domain age

The first thing that we have to make clear is that from the video released of Matt Cutts explaining Domain ages, he doesn’t say that Domain age doesn’t matter. I have heard several people debating about this but the reality of the matter is that Matt gives the basics of the Domain age according to Google but he hasn’t sited anywhere that Domain age doesn’t matter on Google Ranking.

I actually heard him right saying that young domain names will be struggling to rank. This doesn’t need any interpretation, it is crystal clear that an older Domain name will be in a better position than a new Domain name. However he pin pointed on Domain ages and continues to say that there is a slight difference between the ages of Domain.

However, I personally think that there are a couple of factors that determines the SEO ranking. For this reason, Domain age will actually take its share but combined with other factors it may be slightly insignificant. It is actually not one of the biggest factors but the reality of the matter is that a domain age makes a slight impact on SEO ranking. Older Domains will actually have a little bit of edge. However, If you manage to publish quality content from the first day and also be able to monetize and keep your site active, you can be in a better position regardless of the domain age.

Checking the Domain age

With all what we have discussed above, you must be sure that it is imperative to check a domain age before you make a bid to purchase it. There are also several ways that can help you run a bulk domain age checker in case you want to check more than one domain. There are several things that you can do with a domain age checker. You can either check the domain expiry date to be sure when a domain is expiring or also run a registration date checks to get an insight of when the domain was registered.

Domain age checkers from trusted heavy weights

There are several age checker SEO tools but the below are the best.

This is one of the best domain age checkers in the world. If you want to use it, just go to the domain age checker icon and click on it. After this just copy/paste to the address bar of your search browser.

Enter the domain name that you want to run and check the age, registration dame, expiry date or any other information. The last thing is to click on ‘’Check’’. All the information you wanted to know will be displayed on the screen. It will include Domain age, the date it was created, the IP address, Registrar, Way back, Domain expiry date and Domain updated on.

SEMrush tools

This is another tool that will help you to get the same information about the domain name you want to bid for purchase. You can follow the same procedure and all the guidelines provided in the site to check for the domain age.

MOZ Pro tools

This is a all-in-one suite of SEO. You can log in a to audit your site or even sites for all the information you want before finalizing the purchase.

Ahref Tools

This is another tool which is specifically set for SEO and marketing. The site covers several other things such as backlink checking and all the other data that we have discussed above. The procedure is easy and hence you can expect the best out of it.

The bottom Line

These tools don’t only tell you about the age of the domain name but a couple of other information that can be helpful. They can as well show you the history of the domain. If you click on the history, you can get an insight if that specific site was used for a short period of time and maybe discarded for a year and the user got back to it. Use any of the Domain age checker in the market to be sure of what domain name you are purchasing.

Domain Age Checker – Check Domain Age and History (2024)
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