Best Men's Haircuts For Your Face Shape (2023 Guide) (2023)

What haircut should I get? Or maybe a better way of putting it is “what hairstyle suits me?” These are common questions guys ask themselves before choosing one of the cool men’s haircuts of today. But the better approach is to find the best haircut for your face shape.Head shape and structure are the most important factors to finding hairstyles for men according to face shape.

The right stylish haircut can help accentuate your best facial features, but the wrong choice will throw a spotlight on all of your worst features. What constitutes a “good” or “bad” haircut for your face depends on which head shape you have and whether you have chosen one of the best haircuts to suit your face shape.

Whether you have a long, oval, round, square, triangle, or diamond face shape, check out our easy guide to get the latest hairstyles for men!

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  • 1 What Face Shape Do I Have?
  • 2 Men’s Face Shapes
    • 2.1 Oval Face Shape
    • 2.2 Haircuts for Oval Faces
    • 2.3 Square Face Shape
    • 2.4 Hairstyles for Square Faces
    • 2.5 Round Face Shape
    • 2.6 Hairstyles for Round Faces
    • 2.7 Oblong Face Shape
    • 2.8 Hairstyles for Long Faces
    • 2.9 Triangle Face Shape
    • 2.10 Hairstyles for Triangle Faces
    • 2.11 Diamond Face Shape
    • 2.12 Hairstyles for Diamond Faces
  • 3 Best Hairstyles for Men According To Face Shape

What Face Shape Do I Have?

This guide to picking a good hairstyle according to your face depends on correctly identifying your head shape and facial features. Determining your face shape can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. To figure out what kind of shape you have, you’ll need a bar of soap, mirror, and comb.

  1. Using the comb, pull your hair away from your face. If you have long hair, tie it back; otherwise, just hold it back with one hand so you get a clear view of your face.
  2. Look at your reflection in the mirror and the outline of your face. Take the bar of soap, and trace that outline onto the mirror. Make sure you move your head as little as possible during this process.
  3. When you step back, the drawing left on the mirror will guide you as you compare different head shapes to yours. Place it into one of the following categories: square, triangle, round, oval, or oblong.

If you aren’t sure what the characteristics of a square, round, oval or long face shape are, then reference the examples and descriptions below.

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Men’s Face Shapes

Now that you have a sketch of your face’s outline and you know which head shape you have, it’s time to examine the best cuts and styles for you. Here are the most popular haircuts for men by face shape.

Oval Face Shape

The oval face is a longer version of the round face shape. The defining feature of the oval face shape is the lack of sharpness along your chin, cheeks and forehead. This means your face is longer than your cheekbones, your forehead is wider than your jaw, and your head shape is generally curved without sharp corners.

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For oval faced men, we recommend you avoid fringes, crops and bang, as they will emphasize the rounder lines of your face. Instead, you’ll want to create some volume and length on top to elongate your shape.

Haircuts for Oval Faces

Short on the sides and long on top styles will offer the best men’s hairstyles for oval faces, as these cuts will lengthen and balance your shape. A comb over fade or slicked back undercut is a good choice to balance the roundness of your face.

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Other examples of oval face haircuts for men include the quiff, pompadour, faux hawk, brush back, and any other short to medium-length cut that doesn’t sit flat. Furthermore, you can choose to grow a beard with an oval face, but thick stubble or a clean-shaven face is ideal.

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Square Face Shape

The square face is generally sharp and masculine. Square face men have a wide, square jaw, and wide cheekbones. If you have a square face shape, your cheekbones will be set approximately as far apart as the widest point of your jaw. The generally symmetric qualities of this look are a huge advantage and make chiseled square-faced men attractive.

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To make the most of your square face, ensure that your sideburns are kept short and your hair faded high. A high skin fade or undercut will avoid thickening the sides of your head. To balance the width of your face, cut your hair short to medium-length on top and styled up to create volume. This will elongate your face just a bit for the perfect style.

Hairstyles for Square Faces

The coolest hairstyles for square face men are those with clean lines and structures. For a softer look, a textured pompadour is a good option as the natural hair on the top will help to relax the harder lines of your face. A neater, vintage option is the classic side part, which showcases your strong jawline.

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However, the square face is very versatile. These haircuts can range from very short, such as the buzz cut or crew cut, to long hairstyles like a quiff, slick back, and comb over. Just make sure to remember to pair these cuts and styles with a fade or undercut on the side.

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Lastly, if you do grow a beard, longer is better; although heavy stubble can be a nice design too. Avoid a full short beard.

Round Face Shape

A round face has many of the same facial features as a square face, but without the angular dimensions and edges. A round face shape is all about equal width and length, without sharp cheekbones or a defining jawline. Round face men will need to get hairstyles that elongate their head and allow for a more masculine, angled appearance.

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To start, you’ll want a short back and sides to avoid widening your head. On top, you’ll want a haircut that lengthens the face. Some height or volume is great, but guys can also go for asymmetrical styles, such as a side swept fringe or comb over, to create an urban look which disrupts the balance of your face.

Hairstyles for Round Faces

Creating height at the top of your head will help to define your jawline and emphasize your cheekbones. To elongate your face, spiky hair or a faux hawk can be modern options.

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Further, side parted hairstyles such as the comb over are flattering, as well as fringed hairstyles like the French crop. For a more dynamic and edgy look, add height with a pompadour, quiff or slicked back undercut. Finally, a beard is optional, but if you like facial hair, focus on getting a chiseled jawline.

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Oblong Face Shape

The oblong face, also sometimes referred to as rectangular, is just a longer version of the square. As one of the most proportionate face shapes, this long face shape is balanced. All your facial features (cheekbones, jawline, chin, and forehead) are even, but your face size is long and narrow rather than short and wide. Long face men have access to many of the best men’s haircuts.

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Obviously, you’ll want to avoid hairstyles that add any more length to your face, and stay away from long beards. Aside from anything which adds too much length on top, men with long faces can pull off any cut and style.

Hairstyles for Long Faces

For an easy, low-maintenance classic haircut, guys can get a crew cut or buzz cut. If you don’t want a very short look, you may consider a fade or undercut on the sides with a comb over, side part, slicked back, or textured French crop. A fringe that hangs over your forehead can even serve to shorten your face’s length.

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We generally wouldn’t recommend a medium-length hairstyle for oblong face men, especially one that will offer height and volume to the top. However, we encourage guys to experiment as every man is unique.

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Much of the same advice goes for your facial. Thick stubble and short beards are good, while long beards can create an overly-elongated effect for a disproportionate appearance.

Triangle Face Shape

A triangle face is weighted towards the bottom of the face. If you have a triangle face shape, your jawline will be wider than your cheekbones and temple area, which are relatively thinner. And like the geometric shape, triangle face men will have more angular and sharp features.

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Medium-length and long hairstyles are a good choice for men with a triangle face shape, as they will balance and conceal the wide and defined jawline. Similarly, a fringe can also help create the appearance of a thicker forehead, evening out the strong chin.

Hairstyles for Triangle Faces

The best hairstyles for triangle faced men incorporate short sides and some length on top. For the illusion of a wider temple area, we recommend low fades or tapered haircuts. The extra hair on the sides will thicken dimensions around your ears.

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However, choosing a versatile style where volume can be added to the top of the head is a wise choice as this will allow you to balance the strength of your jawline and chin. Examples of these haircuts for triangle shaped faces include the side part, comb over, short pompadour, quiff, and angular fringes.

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If you have straight hair, adding a messy texture can be another great way to balance your face.Given the prominent strong jaw, guys would look best shaved clean.

Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face is long and angular, with a pointy chin and wide, high cheekbones. The diamond face shape supports short to long haircuts and your chiseled jawline will look softer with some facial hair. Diamond faced men are encouraged to grow out their hair and beard, and enjoy the variety of trendy hairstyles that suit their face and beautiful bone structure.

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One of the best ways to take advantage of this face is to leverage thick hair and create layers.

Hairstyles for Diamond Faces

Barbers and stylists recommend full and high-volume hairstyles for men with diamond faces. A messy fringe can work nicely to match your cheekbones and soften your jawline. Similarly, textured hairstyles like the faux hawk, brush up, long slicked back, and comb over fade are great looks.

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However, be warned that you probably shouldn’t cut your fade or undercut down to the skin – a taper fade or scissor cut is better than a bald fade to prevent slimming your face further. Moreover, you may want to grow a full beard to widen your jaw and chin.

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Best Hairstyles for Men According To Face Shape

For a quick and easy guide on the best hairstyles for men according to face shape, follow these guidelines:

  • Square: short haircuts like the buzz and crew cut or longer with textured styles like the pomp, side part, and slick back.
  • Triangle: more volume is better; try a quiff, pompadour, brush up, faux hawk or spiky hair.
  • Round: get short sides with longer hair on top, such as a fringe with a textured crop, comb over fade, or slicked back undercut.
  • Oblong: try a side part, buzz cut, Ivy League, or short brush up to emphasize your classic features.
  • Oval: balance your face with a fade or undercut on the sides with a textured slick back, quiff, pompadour, or comb over.
  • Diamond: try a messy fringe, faux hawk, side sweep, shag or textured crop to soften your angular face.

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Now that you understand a little more about the mechanics of your head shape, you can find the best hairstyles to suit your specific face. Your barber, as always, can provide additional insights into which haircuts will work for you, but take some suggestions with you for a tailored cut and style you’ll absolutely love!

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