Angela Theodoseau Obituary (2024)

1. Angela Theodoseau Archives - Mid Hudson News

  • 29 nov 2022 · WHITE LAKE – A 30-year-old Wappingers Falls woman was killed Monday morning when her 2020 Toyota Rav4 crossed over the double yellow line on ...

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2. Fatal accident in White Lake | The River Reporter

  • 6 dec 2022 · Angela Theodoseau was pronounced dead a short time later by Sullivan County Coroner Alan Kesten. The crash remains under investigation. Keywords.

  • On Monday, November 28, at approximately 9:07 a.m., the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a serious motor vehicle accident on State Route 17B in White Lake.

3. Fatal crash on Route 17B - Sullivan County Democrat

4. Dutchess County woman killed in head-on crash with dump truck in ...

  • 28 nov 2022 · Sullivan County Undersheriff Eric Chaboty said the Dutchess County woman, identified as Angela Theodoseau, was killed in the 9:07 a.m. crash.

  • Dutchess County woman killed in head-on crash with dump truck in Sullivan County

5. Woman Killed In Head-On Crash Between Compact SUV, Dump ...

6. Obituary | Stephen Joseph Vanyo, Jr. | Gregory J. Norman Funeral Chapel

  • 26 jan 2014 · View The Obituary For Stephen Joseph Vanyo, Jr ... Angela Theodoseau. He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Eleanor Slominiski.

  • Stephen J. Vanyo, Jr., 78 of Grand Forks, ND passed away Sunday, January 26, 2014 at The Garden Place in Bagley, MN.Stephen Joseph Vanyo was born March 10, 1935 in rural Tabor, MN the son of Stephen and Mary Potancik Vanyo. He was raised in rural Tabor and graduated in

7. Obituary information for Dolores Paino Marks - Sweet's Funeral Home

  • Matt Theodoseau. July 30, 2007. To the Mark's family, Gene, Susan, Tom, and Jim, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Matt, Darcy, and Angela. Comment. Share.

  • View Dolores Paino Marks's obituary, contribute to their memorial, see their funeral service details, and more.

8. Stephen Joseph Vanyo, Jr. - Grand Forks - Norman Funeral Home

  • 26 jan 2014 · ... Angela Theodoseau. He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Eleanor Slominiski. Mass of Christian Burial: 1:00 p.m. Tuesday ...

  • ( March 10, 1935 - January 26, 2014 )

9. Poughkeepsie Journal from Poughkeepsie, New York • Page 20

  • 5 jun 2009 · Orth, age 57, of Modena died Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Poughkeepsie, NY Mr. Orth was born April 14, 1952 in Coral ...

  • Get this Poughkeepsie Journal page for free from Friday, June 5, 2009 MID-HUDSON FRIDAY JUNE 5, 2009 POUGHKEEPSIE JOURNAL DEATH NOTICES Keenan, Maurice 90, of Pleasant Va.... Edition of Poughkeepsie Journal

Angela Theodoseau Obituary (2024)
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