844 Area Code: Location, Scams, Time Zone, How to Block [2023] (2023)

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In this post, we are going to look at 844 Area Code location, city, time zone, scams and How to Block unwanted 844 Area Code Calls in 2023.

844 Area Code
LocationNo Specific Location
Time ZoneNo Specific Time Zone
Standard TimeDepends on where number is registered
Daylight Savings TimeDepends on where number is registered
Major CitiesAll cities in United States
Is Number Toll FreeYes
Are Scams ReportedYes, IRS, Loan Scams
Major CarriersPacific Bell, Verizon California-ca (gte), Cingular

As 844 Area Code does not have a specific location, there have been lot of scam calls from these numbers.

If you are tired of getting scam area code calls on your number, you can try signing up for a Scam Call Blocking service like Robokiller.

844 Area Code: Location, Scams, Time Zone, How to Block [2023] (1)

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844 Area Code: Location, City, Time Zone, Scam & How to Block 844 Area Code Calls [2023]

Table of Contents

What is 844 Area Code

844 Area Code: Location, Scams, Time Zone, How to Block [2023] (2)

844 Area Code is used to hide the actual area code from where the call is being made from.

It is used by companies and organizations that do not operate from one place and have employees from different regions.

The 844 Area Code is not limited to any specific area and is rather used from all across the United States.

So if you get a call from an 844 number, it will not be possible for you to know the location or area of the caller.

Is area code 844 legitimate?

In case you are wondering if area code 844 is legitimate, then the answer is yes, area code 844 is legitimate, however there are reports of scammers using 844 area code numbers for phone scams.

If you get a call from an unknown 844 area code number and the caller is asking your personal information, do not share any information with the caller.

844 Area Code Location

Since the 844 Area Code is number is not limited to a particular area in the US, the location can be anywhere in the country.

It is a code that allows toll free calling.

The code operates in North American countries like United States, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, United States Virgin Islands, and several more countries and regions.

While you cannot identify the location of the call, you can look up the name of the business that is calling you from an 844 Area code number and try to check if you have any business with the company.

844 Area Code City

The cities from where the calls with 844 Area Code are made can range from the cities in the United States, Canada, or the countries of the Caribbean islands which allow the area code to operate.

844 Area Code City can be just about any city in the U.S including New York, Washington, LA or even smaller cities.

844 Area Code Time Zone

Since the 844 Area Code is not limited to one single area, the time zone that it can operate in differs across the regions of its affiliation.

Currently, the number can be used from the US, Canada, and several Caribbean islands.

So the time zone for the 844 Area Code is the time zone from the place of calling.

Are Calls from 844 Area Code A Scam?

844 Area codes are used by lot of businesses, and if you are wondering Are Calls from 844 Area Code A Scam, then the answer is Yes and No.

Large number of scams have taken place using the 844 Area Code numbers.

If you are reading this, you most likely would have also recieved a scam call with an 844 code.

There have been several reports of incidents where the people said that they were being threatened and were being demanded personal sensitive information like address, bank details, and other official documents.

This has given the 844 Area Code numbers a bad reputation.

However, not all calls made using this area code are scams.

If you receive a call with the 844 prefix, be aware and alert to check the call details properly and avoid giving away any information you do not want to.

Check the details and legitimacy of the company online before sharing any information.

If the number provided on their website is different from the number you received the call from, then it is a sign that you should disconnect and block the number.

Since the area code is also used by legitimate companies and organizations, it is best to check all details of the business before giving away any details.

There have been reports that 844 Area Code Calls have been used for scam calls claiming arrest warrants, credit card or banking frauds, lotteries, health insurance, and other related scams–so be wary when you recieve an 844 Area code call.

If you are asked to call back to the number, always do a reverse phone search to check the legitimacy of the number and then call back if it is safe.

If you happen to receive any threats or feel like your personal information is at risk, immediately make a report to your local police to avoid giving the scammers the time to collect more information.

Are 844 Area Code Calls Toll Free

844 Area Code numbers are usually used by companies and organizations.

Since for the toll free numbers, it is the “called” who is charged and not the “caller”, it is beneficial for the companies who want to provide free of cost customer response channel.

It is also useful for the companies where some of its employees do not work at the official location and are based in other regions.

This allows them to make different calls without increasing their phone bills by being charged with the out-of-state fee.

Wireless callers can be charged for the calls while still being on an unlimited plan so that needs to be checked before making the call.

Since an 844 Area Code number is available to the company or organization by paying a fee, the calls made to the number are also charged to the company or organization that are registered with the number.

Sending Text Messages to 844 Area Code

Text messages can be sent to 844 numbers if the number had selected the facility of “text-enabled” when it was being registered.

These numbers are also often used to send bulk messages to many people.

Many people have reported to receive messages from these numbers and these messages look personalized and is made to look like it was sent only to them.

Make sure you check legitimacy of the company before sending any messages to avoid being scammed or becoming a victim of fraud.

Since companies and organizations send individual text messages too, sometimes the messages can be real.

Standard text message charges may also be put on your bill when messages are sent to these toll free numbers.

Difference Between 844 Area Code & Other Toll Free Numbers

844 Area Code along with 6 other codes 800, 833, 855, 866, 877, and 888 are used for toll free calling across the United States.

These numbers are usually used throughout North America. The other toll free area codes are used across the other Caribbean regions like

  • Bahamas — 800-389
  • Barbados — 800-534
  • Bermuda — 800-623
  • Dominican Republic — 800-415, 800-751, 800-907
  • Trinidad — 800-271
  • For deaf and hearing impaired people — 800-855

How to Get An 844 Area Code Phone Number

To get an 844 Area Code Phone Number, you will have to follow the procedures laid down by the Federal Communications Commission(FCC).

The first step is to choose the 844 number you want for your company or organization.

Following which you have to select a service provider and check for its availability.

Since there are many 844 numbers being used, the availability of your chosen number depends on whether it has been previously occupied or not.

If your desired number is available then you can go ahead and purchase the number and start your operations.

If your selected number is not available, then the provider will give you alternative numbers to choose from and the standard process for procuring the number follows.

How to Block 844 Area Code

To block an 844 Area Code, there are several options.

If your mobile phone gives the option to block a number from the call history, then all you have to do is select the number, and the “Block calls” option should be there on the list.

If your mobile phone requires you to save a particular number to block it, then you will have to save the number first.

You can choose to name the contact as ‘SCAM’ or ‘FRAUD’ and then block the number from your contacts.

You may also want to pre-save and block specific fraud numbers that you get to know from your acquaintances.

To do so, simply go to the blocklist section of your settings, and select ‘Add number’.

Here you enter the phone number manually and block the number.

You can also choose to register yourself in the DO NOT DISTURB facility.

Once you register under this facility, your contact number will be removed from the list of receivers of promotional calls and messages.

This saves the hassle of receiving those unwanted calls and then worrying about if it was legitimate or not.

If you are tired of getting scam area code calls on your number, you can try signing up for a Scam Call Blocking service like Robokiller.

844 Area Code: Location, Scams, Time Zone, How to Block [2023] (3)

Frequently Asked Questions about 844 Area Code

Is area code 844 legitimate?

844 Area Code is a Toll free number used by businesses but lately, there have been lot of reports of 844 Area Code calls being used for scams.

What is a 844 phone number?

844 Phone Number is a toll free number like 800 number. 844 Phone number is not attributed to any particular city or area.

What area codes should you not answer?

According to Federal Trade Commission, you should not call back calls from

268 area code – Antigua and Barbuda
284 area code – British Virgin Islands
473 area code – Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
664 area code – Montserrat
649 area code – Turks and Caicos Islands
767 area code – Commonwealth of Dominica
809, 829, 849 area codes – Dominican Republic
876 area code – Jamaica

Are 844 numbers toll free?

Yes 844 numbers are toll free

Why do 844 numbers keep calling me?

Most likely scammers trying to get your personal information.

How do I block all 844 numbers?

Go to Phone Settings, Call Blocking Option and Add Numbers

How can you tell a scammer number?

Scammer number will look odd, it might be a toll free number and most scammers repeatedly call until someone answers.

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844 Area Code

844 Area Code Summary

Here is 844 Area Code location, city, time zone, scams and How to Block unwanted 844 Area Code Calls in 2023. 844 area code numbers are also used for some scams including IRS and loan scams so you need to be very careful if you are getting lot of 844 area code calls.



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Some 844 area code numbers are used for scams.

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