7 Trader Joe’s Products That Are So Good, Customers 'Had To Stop Buying Them' (2024)

We’ve all been there. You’re walking through the aisles of your local Trader Joe’s, and you spot that product. The one that, no matter how hard you resist, you are simply powerless against. The product that you swear there's no need to pick up, even though you know that's exactly what will happen. Jump ahead half an hour and you’re in your car, pulling out of the always-packed Trader Joe’s parking lot with said product in hand, tearing open the bar and digging in before you even pull out of your spot. A tale as old as Trader Joe’s itself.

My personal Trader Joe’s kryptonite is the Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds. I’m thrilled to enjoy them when I’m at someone else’s home, but my husband and I had to come to a mutual agreement that they could no longer reside in our freezer. They’re just too delicious, too easy to snack on, and we simply don’t stand a chance against them. In the spirit of solidarity, we’ve rounded up a list of the most frequently mentioned Trader Joe’s products that customers say are so good, they’ve had to stop buying them.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

7 Trader Joe’s Products That Are So Good, Customers 'Had To Stop Buying Them' (1)

Whenever you bring chocolate and peanut butter together, magic inevitably happens. I can attest that these peanut butter cups are indeed dangerous. Also available (and equally delicious, depending upon preference) in milk chocolate, these peanut butter cups are crafted by coating real peanut butter made with slow-roasted, then ground Virginia peanuts with decadent, rich dark chocolate. Shoppers say they’ve had to stop purchasing this product because once the container is opened, it's finished in a matter of days.

Sea Salt Brownie Bites

Trader Joe’s knows baked goods, and the store claims this is "the best brownie yet." With one customer proclaiming that they're "30% sea salt brownie bites at this point," it goes to show how delicious these fudgy, dense, sweet, and slightly salty treats are. The rich brownies are studded with chocolate chips and topped with a sprinkle of sea salt to emphasize all the chocolate goodness in each bite. As if they aren’t tempting enough, these brownies are bite-size, making them impossible to stop once you pop the container open. According to one shopper, they put this to the test and claimed their container was gone within 24 hours. Trust the data, people!

Hold the Cone Tips

7 Trader Joe’s Products That Are So Good, Customers 'Had To Stop Buying Them' (3)

If you’ve yet to experience Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Tips, let me paint a picture for you. Those who grew up eating Drumsticks (the ice cream kind) know how exciting it was to reach the bottom of the cone with the magical, final bonus bite of chocolate. This product is that very bite, boxed in bulk. These bite-size waffle cones, sans ice cream, are filled with rich, smooth dark chocolate, and shoppers (myself included) are convinced that it is absolutely impossible to enjoy just one. Unless you want to pop an entire box of cone tips today, customers suggest leaving these babies behind.

Chantilly Vanilla Bean Sheet Cake

7 Trader Joe’s Products That Are So Good, Customers 'Had To Stop Buying Them' (4)

Don’t underestimate the power of—or your powerlessness against—store-bought cake. While many claim this sheet cake is "sent from heaven," some shoppers say that, when a tray enters their homes, their behavior simply becomes "unacceptable." Many say this mini dessert, made with moist, flavorful white cake and a smooth vanilla bean buttercream frosting, is the best store-bought cake they’ve ever had. One shopper notes, "I don’t allow myself to buy this anymore. I have no self-control when it comes to this cake." A common workaround to this problem that was shared by consumers is to save this cake purchase for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions because it’s simply too irresistible to have sitting on your kitchen counter.

Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches

7 Trader Joe’s Products That Are So Good, Customers 'Had To Stop Buying Them' (5)

Living up to their names, these ice cream sandwiches are so good, shoppers call them everything from their "nemesis" to "heaven sent goodness." Evidently, there really is that fine line between love and hate! Shoppers admit that they simply cannot be trusted around this product. It’s safe to say that this is not your average chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. The store worked on achieving the perfect crunchy-yet-chewy texture for the cookie, then tackled the ideal cookie-to-ice cream ratio, before going the extra mile and rolling the sides in mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. This product has been cut from many grocery hauls due to the mere fact that customers swear they are "addictively delicious." Remind me to cross this off my Trader Joe’s list—I already know my household will be powerless.

Milk Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels

7 Trader Joe’s Products That Are So Good, Customers 'Had To Stop Buying Them' (6)

Another chocolate and peanut butter product lands on this list, and this one has both sweet and salty flavors. Shoppers swear they’ve gone into a snack attack with the best of intentions, but somehow—without fail—they only ever have a few pretzels left in the bag. Trader Joe’s admits that they know a thing or two about swoon-worthy snacks, and these pretzels are among the store’s personal favorites. They say if you love something, let it go. Well, Trader Joe’s shoppers love this product so much that they simply can’t buy them anymore because they stand no chance against the chocolatey, sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy, decadent combination.

Scandinavian Swimmers

7 Trader Joe’s Products That Are So Good, Customers 'Had To Stop Buying Them' (7)

Aside from the fact that this large bag of candy costs under $4 and the colors are vibrant and fun, there’s something special about the chew that makes these gummies hard to resist. They’re softer than your average gummy candy but still have a satisfying texture that makes them impossible to stop snacking on. The flavors are natural and tasty, and I will admit that my husband and I have finished an entire bag on more than one occasion, which is why they are also no longer allowed to enter our home. One shopper got so caught up in their bag that they cracked a crown beyond repair and had to have a tooth extracted.

7 Trader Joe’s Products That Are So Good, Customers 'Had To Stop Buying Them' (2024)
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