26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (2023)

Changing it up is never a bad idea—we're all for it. But whether it's impulsive (as with many of my own hair choices) or you've researched the idea to no end, the truth is this: Any major hair transformation comes with a few risks.

If you've been online in recent times, you may have noticed a certain rosy hue dominating the celeb hair game. Of course, the more trend-appropriate term is "rose gold" in all its variations. There was the desert-inspired blonde-tinged copper we saw on Emma Roberts and the platinum-rosy hybrid Kylie Jenner sported, too. A more pastel variation labeled "quartz pink" has made the rounds on Pinterest, while a washed-out punk-rock take was a popular summertime hue with the cool-girl set on Instagram. I wanted to go pink for a while and envisioned something in between the latter two: a root-y pale blonde with a wash of translucent pink, equal parts pretty and grunge.

Meet the Expert

  • Amber Maynard Bolt is a Master Stylist at Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, CA. She has over 15 years of experience and specializes in color correction.
  • Shelley Gregory is a colorist and owner of The Gregory Salon in Las Vegas, NV.

When it comes to this color, make sure to hash out the details with your stylist, because rose gold can mean different things to different people. You can choose a softer pink for your skin or something that sits with a little more orange, but it all depends on what you want. "If you’re brown or darker, you would have to bleach the hair in order to get there," says Amber Maynard Bolt at Nine Zero One Salon. "It would be a full process of bleaching/highlights and whatnot, that could take up to two times to lift light enough. Since everyone lifts through stages of orange and yellow, once you get to your lighter stage, you can apply straight pink."

Stylist Shelley Gregory, known for her amazing pastel creations at The Gregory Salon in Las Vegas, says she always takes into account "how much warmth or yellow is already in the hair" and likes to "mix a pastel pink, pastel peach, and clear together to help soften the tone."

Rose Gold Hair

Choosing a Shade: Think about a pink that complements your skin—is it that ballet pink/nude? Go with cooler rose gold. Is it a bright peach? Then go for a warmer rose gold. Gregory notes we are most typically attracted to what looks best on us, so the right shade will probably be one we're most drawn toward.

Maintenance Level: Medium-to-high. This color lasts about six to eight shampoos, so if you can just wash your hair once a week, it could last a couple of months. Choosing to let this hue fade naturally is totally easy, and cooler than ever.

Goes Great With: More neutral tones, or Shelley recommends trying out a monochromatic look.

Similar Shades: Dusty rose and millennialpink

Price: Prices depend on the area but they can get expensive— about $150 is the lowest we've seen. Try an at-home dye job for a more cost-efficient option.

The list is endless. Keep scrolling to check out all the rose gold hair inspiration, stylists' creations to certain famous faces.

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Every Day Rose Gold

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (1)

This rose gold-inspired 'do by hairstylist Candy Marie in Seattle, Washington definitely earns an award or two in our book. The most coveted hair goals are a casual Instagram scroll away.

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Understated Pink

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (2)

Lady Gaga always brings a fresh, sometimes outlandish, take to every look. She's definitely run the spectrum of neon hues, and her 2017 Grammys appearance saw her going for a more low-key, faded rose gold style.

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Cotton Candy Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (3)

Constance Wu's dark roots contrast against the dreamy cotton-candy shade with a hint of metallic on the rest of her hair.

Hair dye can wreak havoc on your hair, so stick with a very gentle, all-natural shampoo like Reverie's Shampoo ($38) to maintain this rosy color. Alternatively, use a color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner like Overtone to keep hair bright and healthy.

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Choppy Ombré Bob

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (4)

Take it from Hilary Duff, the woman who inspired all our hair choices growing up. Rose gold hair, or in this case, rosy highlights by Nikki Lee at Nine Zero One Salon, looks amazing on naturally blonde hair.

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Wine Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (5)

Model Chloe Norgaard showed off a rose-toned look using Redken's City Beats Collection. This exact mix of shades had her short, swingy bob looking incredibly chic, especially paired with matching makeup.

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Pink Pompadour

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (6)

Zayn has a great head of hair, but when he stepped out with rose-gold frosted tips, the whole world collectively swooned. Take a cue from the "Pillowtalk" singer and leave your dark roots visible.

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Muted Pink Waves

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (7)

Maisie Williams has tried various hair colors from violet to neon pink, but we love this light rose shade on her. Her darker roots give it a relaxed, lived-in vibe that's totally fitting.

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Washed-Out Watermelon

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (8)

This subtle, faded watermelon pink is threaded with blonde for a load of pastel dimension.

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Bronze Twist

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (9)

Once again, Capri at Nine Zero One created a super pretty bronze take on the rose gold trend for Ashlee Simpson. Part smokey, part dusty, this multi-dimensional pink is anything but bubblegum pop.

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Rich Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (10)


Rose gold tones tend to pull deeper on brunettes, creating stunning looks like this rich dark pink.

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Rose Gold Curls

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (11)

These stunning rose gold curls combine a natural blonde base color with a pretty hint of pink. Courtesy of Wella, these healthy curls look extra dreamy in such a sweet color palette.

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Temporary Tint

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (12)

Lucy Hale used the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint ($12) to get a bright and metallic rose gold for an easy, low-commitment upgrade on her signature lob.

While tints are fun to try out, its best to leave a full-on dye job to the professionals. You can easily do touch-ups at home (like Overtone's color enhancing conditioners) but going to a professional ensures you get a nuanced, dynamic look.

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Classic Rose Gold

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (13)

Nikki Lee, the co-founder of Nine Zero One Salon in LA, tried out rose gold hair for herself, and we've got to say it's a great choice.

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Peaches and Pinks

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (14)

We adore this toned-down take on rose gold that features a blend of peach and pink tones for a more lived-in color.

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Rooty Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (15)

This rooty, grown-out, slightly faded take on the rose gold trend proves that you don't have to be over-the-top about touch-ups. It hits all the right notes without taking itself too seriously.

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Coco Rose

As the caption of this photo states, "Not all balayage is blonde!" These rich rose highlights add dimension to chocolate brown strands. Now we're wondering how we can attain such a beautiful blend ourselves!

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Peachy Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (16)

A peachy undertone looks great with rose gold as seen here on Rumer Willis. The star was previously a brighter pink, but this muted rose shade stands out in a subtle way.

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Pale Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (17)

Way back in 2015, Orange Is the New Black star Dascha Polanco tried out the short rose gold look. While there are more recent takes on the rose gold trend, we're still thinking about this stylish, sleek bob.

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Coral Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (18)

This stunning coral take on rose gold complements a medium-toned, freckled complexion.

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Bronde Pink

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (19)

Who says strawberry blonde can't go gold? Nobody, but upon first glance at Tisdale's style, we can't seem to decide its true color...and isn't that the best part? It's bronde! It's strawberry blonde! It's a rosy golden like the sunset! Really, it's all these things and more.

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Dark Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (20)

Iskra Lawrence's dark rose-gold hair totally stole the scene on a 2018 red carpet. The ashier undertones seriously complement the hue, and we're in love with this color on her.

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Subtle Rose Tips

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (21)

When it comes to rose gold hair, it can be as subtle or as bright as you want. Here, dusky rose tips add a dose of fun to an otherwise natural brunette color.

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Vibrant Dyed Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (22)


There's something so alluring about Margaret Zhang's version of rose gold. Maybe it's because the pink is so vibrant and bright, yet also has a subtle rosy sheen to it? Maybe it's the shadowed roots or the way it looks almost dusky in certain pictures? Whatever it is, we're sold!

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Metallic Rose

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (23)

Leave it to a specialist to churn out this magical metallic color. While the rosy shade shines bright, there's still a stunning golden undertone that lends itself to this specific trend.

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Purple to Rose Ombré

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (24)

Soften up a purple 'do with rose gold ombré tips and natural roots that keep things fairly low-maintenance as far as grow-in is concerned.

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Subtle Tint

26 Stunning Examples of Rose Gold Hair (25)

Kate Hudson's take on the trend involves adding a subtle rosy tint to her traditional beachy blonde 'do. This is an understated but fun way to incorporate the trendy color, as it looks more like a sheer wash than an all-out dye job.


  • How long does rose gold hair last?

    Rose gold hair fades a bit faster than other hair colors. You can generally expect rose gold hair to last about four weeks without any maintenance.

  • Who is best suited for rose gold hair?

    Rose gold hair is a universally loved hair color that looks great on everybody. "It is really a timeless color and I think the softness of it makes it approachable to any age, lifestyle, or personal style," Gregory says. "It’s not only appealing to the eye, but it’s a color that seems to work best on a lot of people," Bolt adds.

  • Will rose gold hair fall out of style?

    Rose gold hair has been popular for the past few years, and there is no sign of the trend slowing down anytime soon. If you love the color and think it suits you best, you can't go wrong with this shade.

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