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The Wizarding World is full of many magical friendships, but one of the strongest is Fantastic Beasts' Newt and Jacob.


The Wizarding World is full of many magical friendships, but one of the strongest isFantastic Beasts' Newt and Jacob. Their relationship forms the backbone of theFantastic Beastsmovies, as an accidental encounter outside the Steen National Bank throws them into each others' lives.


On the surface their friendship may seem somewhat unlikely, considering Jacob's status as a No-Maj individual. However, sometimes bonds can be formed in the most unexpected of places. Despite Jacob's lack of magical ability, both himself and Newt share many of the same qualities and have become the best of buddies.

从表面上看,他们的友谊似乎不太可能,考虑到雅各布作为一个麻瓜。然而,有 时化学键会在最意想不到的地方形成。尽管雅各布没有魔法能力,但他自己和纽特有很多相同的品质,已经成为最好的朋友。

A New Perspective


Having been born into a wizard family, Newt has been familiar with the Wizarding World since a young age. The fantastical elements are an everyday occurrence for the magizoologist, meaning that many of the more wondrous aspects of this universe have lost their magical spark for the accomplished author.


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His chance encounter with Jacob allows him to develop a renewed appreciation for the wizarding community, however. Jacob gives Newt a fresh pair of eyes, offering him the chance to see the spellbinding environments from the view of a No-Maj individual. Jacob's incredulous reactions to this fantasy realmremind Newt of the first timehe witnessed this incredible world, which adds a greater degree of relatability.




A key aspect in any great friendship is the notion of teamwork, the idea that two like-minded individuals will assist one another in times of need. Newt and Jacob demonstrate this skill on a number of occasions during theFantastic Beastsmovies, and it results in the pair achieving their prime objectives.


Jacob in particular displays a willingness to assist Newt in tracking down hisfantasticalbeings. The hapless baker may possess no magical abilities, but he still throws himself in harm's way to help return some of this universe's most dangerous beasts toNewt's suitcase. In return, Newt repairs Jacob's apartment, after it is destroyed by one of his fabulous creatures, showing that their teamwork goes both ways.


Newt's Kindness


Out of any wizard within the magical community, one of the kindest is arguably Newt Scamander. Theauthor possesses a heart of gold, which helps to endear Jacob to this otherwise eccentric fellow. Newt is a man who cares deeply about those around him, and who demonstrates an intense loyalty to those he considers his friends.


One of the greatest examples of Newt's kind nature comes in the closing moments of the firstFantastic Beastsmovie. To help Jacob achieve his dreams of opening his own bakery, the wizard leaves him a suitcase full of Occamy eggshells, which are considered to be extremely rare. Selling these eggshells gives Jacob the money to realize his ambitions, and run the No-Maj world's finest bakery business.


Jacob's Bravery


One of the mostheroic muggle characters in theHarry Potteruniverseis undoubtedly Jacob Kowalski. The lovable baker has displayed a courageous streak throughout theFantastic Beastsfranchise, showing a willingness to fight those who seek tospread oppressionacross the Wizarding community.


Although Jacob is incapable of using magic, he still tries his best to assist Newt and his allies in the battle against Grindelwald. In the firstFantastic Beastsmovie, he chooses to aid his new friends in putting an end to Percival Graves' nefarious means. Later, inThe Crimes ofGrindelwald,Jacob once again demonstrates his noble intentions, as he stands with Newt against the Wizarding dictator Gellert Grindelwald.


Newt's Concerns Over Jacob's Welfare


A good friend is someone who cares deeply about their buddy, and Newt demonstrates an attentive nature towards Jacob throughout the franchise. The magizoologist alwaysplaces his friend's best interests above everything else, and always ensures to listen to Jacob when he needs someone by his side.


This is shown most clearly inThe Crimes Of Grindelwald,which sees Jacob and his then-fiance Queenie - who somefans consider to beFantastic Beasts'best couple- occupying a flat in London. Queenie places Jacob under a love enchantment in order to force him to marry her in the UK capital, essentially stripping him of his free will.Newt expresses concern for Jacob's emotional well-being after Queenie's cruel manipulation and demands that she removes the love charm, proving thewizard to be a man who always looks out for his friend.


A Shared Love Of Fantastic Beasts


Shared interests are one of the most common reasons for a friendship to form, and Newt and Jacob are no exception. When Jacob encounters the magical creatures that Newt hasacquiredon his travels, he develops a similar love for theauthor's beasts.The No-Maj becomes just as determined to help his friend look after these beings, and return them to his suitcase when they escape.


The impact that these fantastical animals leave on Jacob can be seen in the firstFantastic Beastsmovie's final scene. After his memories are seemingly wiped by the Swooping Evil's venom, Jacob opens his own bakery, which contains some pastry offeringsthat look suspiciously like Newt's beasts.The Crimes Of Grindelwaldoffers some closure on this plot point, confirming how he managed to retain his knowledge because he considers his magical animal encounters to be good memories, and the Swooping Evil's venom only removes bad recollections.


Newt's Defense Over Jacob's No-Maj Status


The Wizarding World in theFantastic Beastsmovies seems surprisingly divided, in comparison to how the universe is portrayed within theHarry Potterfilms.With the No-Majs fearing the whispers of magical individualsliving among them and some wizards being somewhat afraid at the prospect of co-existing with the more ordinary people, the society in these films seems somewhat fractured.


Newt possesses a significantly different attitude, however. Not only does he invite Jacob into his magical life, but he is also very defensive over Jacob's No-Maj status.Newt delivers one of his most inspiring quoteswhen criticizing the prejudicial behavior between No-Majs and magical folk, showing a firm stance against those who discriminate against Jacob over his lack ofwizarding skills.


Jacob's Sacrificed Love Life


One of Jacob's strongest character traits is his undying sense of loyalty. The baker is often seen throughout theFantastic Beastsfranchise placing the lives of others before his own happiness, in aid of Newt's cause to bring Grindelwald down. In turn, this means Newt can trust him, as he knows Jacob's strong sense of morality signifies that the No-Maj baker will not betray him.


The greatest example of Jacob's faith in Newt's capabilities comes inThe Crimes Of Grindelwald. When Jacob's fiancé Queenie joins Grindelwald's side, instead offollowing Queenie's lead, he opts to stick by his magizoologist buddy. Jacob effectively sacrifices his love life in order to support Newt through the battle ahead, effectively proving that his unwavering belief in his friend will always triumph in the end.


Improving Their Confidence


Newt and Jacob arealike in many ways, but one of their most striking similarities is their shared lack of confidence. The pair both have a tendency to doubt their own abilities, even after achieving some truly remarkable feats. Newt is particularly insecure about his social skills, whereas Jacob frequently underestimates his own importance, due to his lack of magical know-how.


Throughout their adventures, Newt and Jacob bring out the best inoneanother. Jacob's friendly rapport with Newt increases thewizard's faith in his conversational technique. Meanwhile, Newt's trust in Jacob results in the baker developing amore optimistic outlook in his own abilities, which helps to bring out Jacob's fighting spirit.


Jacob's Romantic Advice


Newt may be an expert on the subject of magical creatures, but there's one aspect of theuniverse he lives in that he is less knowledgeable about. The wizard is noticeably hopeless at communicating with women, demonstrating a certain ineptitude in attracting their interests. Newt requires the assistance of a more acutely aware man to guide him through this unfamiliar world.


During theFantastic Beastsmovies, Jacob becomes the male individual who Newt needs. When Newt suggests describing Tina's eyes as being like a Salamander's, Jacob strongly advises him against using those words and offers his friend some strong advice on how to flirt with the ladies. The No-Maj individual proves to be the perfect confidant in romantic matters for Newt, and his assistance helps his friend secure Tina's affections.


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